Showalter’s Retail Meat Sales

Showalter’s Country Meats is now selling retail meat!

If you’re looking for a variety of smaller amounts of meat, like hamburger and hotdogs and bratwursts and roasting chickens, we’re the people you want to talk to! That’s because we carry a full range of wholesome, ready-to-cook meat.

We also make our own specialty products using only high quality USDA-certified meat and our unique blend of spices to create delicious fresh bratwursts, salami, snack stix and more.

Having us process a deer you’ve harvested? Don’t forget that we can turn it into tasty deer summer sausage, Bologna, snack stix, and a variety of other specialty products.

If you’re looking for Custom Deer processing instead, visit our Deer Processing Page for details.


Showalter’s Speciality Products


Organic grass-fed hamburger
Organic pastured chicken
Beef, Pepper jack & Pepper jack/jalapeno summer sausage
Pepper jack salami
Hunter’s bologna
Orignal, BBQ, Spicy & Cajun snack stix
Orignal, Spicy & Cajun beef jerky
German, Italian & Cajun smoked bratwursts
Apple, Sugar & Maple cured bacon
BBQ pulled pork


Now offering retail pastured pork products including:

Nitrate-free cured bacon
All natural nitrate-free bratwursts
All natural, nitrate-free breakfast sausage
Pastured pork chops and ribs


Let us know what you’d like by visiting our shop or Contacting Us.