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Wagyu & Angus Cross beef

approx 1000 lbs live weight. $2.05 per lb live weight is the price (includes beef & processing) only one available so, give us a call before it is taken. 606 787 7070

Need something quicker than our GRAIN-FED-BEEF?
We have top-notch distillers-Syrup-fattened beef @ $1.73 per lb. live weight.
We also have some good Syrup-fattened-beef @$1.46 per lb. (not quite as young and prime)
Call us for more info on these @ 606 787-7070

Southpoll 100% Grass-fed Beef

Following is the description from the farmer:

Produced by: Cane Valley Farm located in Columbia, KY
“We are a purveyor of the highest quality 100% Grass-fed and finished beef. Having spent nearly 2 years studying under the master grazier, Joel Salatin, before starting our own farm in 2016, we now pride ourselves on producing the healthiest, happiest animals possible while simultaneously healing our pasture land. Our herd is based on Southpoll genetics which have been bred for tenderness, flavor and superior performance on an all forage-based diet. Animals are rotated to fresh pasture 2x daily, and are never vaccinated, wormed, or medicated in any form. We are proudly offering one last beef for sale in 2020: A ≈1000lb heifer, fleshy and fat!” See pictures above!

Pricing: $2.42 per lb live weight, includes beef & basic custom processing – package deal.

Availability: First come first serve. planning to harvest in December. Selling as whole beef. $500 deposit required when placing order. Can be done over the phone. This beef will be gone soon, so give us a call today if you want it and see if it is still available. 606 787 7070

Must be picked up from our facility. NO SHIPPING.

Special DEAL on 1/8th of a LOCAL BEEF!

1/8 local GRASS-FED beef available by pre-order (burger only).
1/8 beef usually will be between 30-60 lbs of finished product
Final price will be $5.49 per lb.
1-3 month wait time
Don’t miss out! Just give us a call, or better yet, let us know you want to order 1/8 grass fed beef on our contact form.