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grain fed beef ribeye steaks wide
grain fed beef ribeye steaks

2-3 month wait times on our grain fed beef currently (as of June 18 2024)

Grain-Fed Beef for sale: Whole Beef or 1/2 Beef

Are you looking for fresh bulk beef? We are pleased to offer you locally raised grain-fed beef, custom processed to your specifications.

Grain Fed Beef Prices whole & half beef

Quick facts you should know about our fine grain-fed beef:

  • Normally, our grain fed beef yield 40-42% of live weight as take home weight (more bone in = more take home weight). …so approximately 260 lbs. for half beef, 520 lbs. for whole beef.
  • Half-a-beef will cost approximately $1794.00
  • The final price will be determined by live weight @ $2.76 /lb. (includes basic processing cost) our beef have been ranging 1225-1450 lbs. live weight.
  • 2-3 MONTHS from order till pick up
  • The down-payment can be done over the phone at time of order. The required deposit is $250 on a half beef, and $500 on a whole beef.
  • If you can’t get thru to us on the phone (because we are assisting other customers) try texting us at ‪(606) 722-0211
  • At this point we DO NOT SHIP beef. You will need to pick up your beef at our butcher-shop.

Now Selling 1/4 Grain-Fed Beef Shares!

Following is what you can expect from a 1/4 share of a Grain-fed beef:
8 roasts (chuck, arm, sirloin tip, or rump roasts)
4 short-rib portions
half of a beef brisket
8 rib-eye steaks @ ¾”
6 T-Bones @ ¾”
4 sirloin steaks @ ¾”
4 packs of cube steaks @ 4 per pack
approx. 70 lbs. of burger

1/4 share of a Grain-Fed Beef will often range between 125-145 lbs. take-home weight.
Final price will be $6.75 per lb. finished weight.
Estimated price per 1/4 Grain-Fed beef will be around $922.00

Grain-Fed Whole & Half-a-Beef Deal Pricing:
$2.76 per lb. live weight (includes basic processing costs)

As you can imagine, it is hard to get a beef to EXACTLY 1300 pounds and stay there till it is sold. So we use a pricing system that is fair to the customer and fair the farmer. Our Grain-fed beef price is $2.76 per lb. live weight. Consequently, if your beef weighs 1280 LBS live weight, your total cost will be 1280X $2.76= $3,532.80. We calculate the actual cost from the actual live weight of your beef when it hits our scales coming in from the farm.

Fresh Beef. Made Simple.

Ever been confused about how and where to buy a beef? How to get it to the slaughter house? Or, have you really wondered how much you were going to have invested by the time you have paid the farmer for the live weight, the butcher for the rail weight, and whatever other fees are involved? I know. Those unknowns can leave your head spinning. For this reason, we have put together a easy to order, package-deal for your convenience. Skip the stress. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Best of all, it all can be done for a reasonable price.

Raised Local. Raised Right.

Local farmers raise these fine grain-fed beef. Bear in mind, that not just any old farmer will do. We have done our best to source from local farmers who consistently raise high quality beef. If you purchase one of our beef, we want to rest assured that YOU are getting a GREAT quality.

Whole Beef, Half-a-Beef & Quarter Beef Shares

If you get a whole beef or half a beef it is more efficient for us. So, as you might expect the price is lower that way. That being said, we have just recently started doing Quarter Beef shares for those of you who might not have the freezer space.

Grain Fed vs. Grass Fed

There is a lot of buzz about grass-fed beef, and research seems to indicate that it is a healthier option. But if you’re looking for the juiciest, most tender meat, then you will likely want to go with a grain-fed beef.

How to Order

After you decide if you want a whole or half beef, just come by our butcher shop to place the order. Otherwise just pick up the phone and give us a call. We do require a down payment at the time of placing a beef order.
— Whole beef down payment is $500.
— Half beef down payment is $250.
Obviously, the balance will be due when you pick up your beef.

Time Frame

How long from order till pick up? The shortest time frame will be about 3 weeks, but often it is longer than that, especially if you order a half beef. Because we do not harvest the beef till both halves are sold. If you happen to be the one buying the first half, it is sometimes a bit of a wait till the second half is sold. After both halves are sold, it is simply a matter of the local farmer bringing the beef on our next slaughter day.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that during deer season we stop processing beef and focus on deer. So if you place your order in the fall – anywhere near deer season – you likely will have to wait several months before you can pick it up.

Dry Aging the Beef

Furthermore, we dry-age the beef in our cooler for about 10 days. Of course the aging process helps the meat to be more tender. After that aging process is complete we process your beef to your specifications.

Frozen for Your Convenience

Finally, we put it in the freezer and let you know that your beef is done and ready to be picked up! We do recommend letting it freeze good and solid before pick up. But that is your call 🙂

Cut Options & Cut Sheets

What are my cut options? We will do our best to do your beef YOUR WAY. Generally speaking there are 3 general categories that most of your cuts of beef will fall into.
1. Roasts
2. Steaks
3. Burger

Click here to see our blank Beef Cut Sheet

Or click here to see an EXAMPLE BEEF CUT SHEET already filled out.

Roast Options:

In the roast category, there are 4 standard options. I will list them in order of their popularity. Rump Roasts, Sirloin Tip Roasts, Chuck Roasts, and Arm Roasts. If you REALLY like lots of beef roasts you might want to do all 4 types. Or if you just want the better ones you might go with the chuck roast, sirloin tip roast, and the rump roast. Whatever you do not want as roast will be put into burger.

Steak Options:

In the steak category, most people want the prime steaks which are the Rib-eye steak, the Sirloin steaks, and the T-Bone steaks. Our standard steak thickness is 3/4 inch. Tell us how thick YOU want us to cut YOURS. If you want top sirloin, New York strips, or filet mignon we can do that for you. Just keep in mind that those are simply the boneless version of the Sirloin Steak & T-Bone Steak. With the result that, choosing filet mignon means you will be sacrificing your T-Bones.

From the hindquarter you can go with Cube steak (aka minute steaks) or Round steak. Cube steak & round steak come from the same area, so you have to choose between one or the other. Note: Cube steak is simply the best part of the round steak that has been tenderized, so all your cube steaks will have been tenderized. Also since they are smaller steaks we recommend putting more per pack than you opted for in your prime steaks.

We also allow you to choose to get Flank steak and Skirt steak from your beef. As with the roasts, any of these steaks that is not something you want, you can simply get it ground into your burger.

Burger Options

In the burger Category, most folks get their ground beef fat ratio at about 80/20 and packed in 1 lb chubs. (actual weight is about 1.2 lbs. each) If you want your burger leaner, like 90/10 we can try to do that, but if you want it lean like that you might be better off buying one of our grass fed beef. They tend to be leaner. With grain fed beef, we recommend the 80/20 fat ratio. Nevertheless, we will try to accommodate your preferences. Our fat ratios are approximates.

Burger Patties also an option. Patty size is quarter pound with four patties per pack. Must be remembered that patties will cost an extra $1 per lb. with at 30 lb. minimum.

Other options for your beef would include:

Beef brisket, Let us know if you want your brisket left whole or cut in half.
Beef Short Ribs: Normally, we cut these to a convenient 4″by 6″ size.
Organ meat, if you are buying a whole beef, you can opt to keep the liver, the heart, and the tongue.


We vacuum pack all the roasts and steaks, but the burger will be stuffed in burger chubs/ bags as you can see in the photos above.

How much meat do you take home?

You normally get at around 40% of live weight for finished product. This will vary depending on how many bone-in products you get as opposed to boneless products. But generally from one of our whole grain-fed beef you can take home around 500 lbs. If you are getting one half of our grain fed beef you should be taking home about 250 lbs.

We guarantee your satisfaction!

If you’re looking for a great deal on grain-fed beef, give us here at Showalter’s a call, and let us prove to your taste buds the difference in quality and flavor! 

Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about our grain-fed beef.

Call today for details, to visit our farm / butcher-shop, or to place your order for grain-fed beef!