Meat Processing

dropping off animals for custom processing
dropping off animals for custom processing at Showalters

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Showalter’s Custom Meat Processing

We provide custom meat processing services for your beef, meat hogs, deer, elk and other animals as well (including bear).

Your Animal. Your Meat.

Your Animal = Your Meat is our commitment. Knowing the effort you put into raising a great animal we put great effort into keeping your animal your meat.

We take your instructions on cuts and packaging seriously, and endeavor to meet your specifications every time.

Schedule an Appointment

If you have a hog or beef that you want us to process, you will need to give us a call and schedule an appointment.

Deposit Now Required to Schedule an Animal

In order to avoid “just in case” scheduling we are requiring a non-refundable deposit at the time of booking. This deposit counts against your kill fee at pick up, so no extra cost to you in the final total, but if you do cancel, it is NOT REFUNDABLE. This booking payment can be done by check or cash in our office or by card over the phone.

Animal drop-off instructions

Make sure to bring your animal on the agreed upon day that we have set up when you scheduled your animal.

1. Pull around the right side of the building, where you will notice an “Enter Here” sign above the unloading dock. We will try to notice that you have arrived and send someone to help work the gates so you can pull through the first set of gates and help you get unloaded.

Showalter's Meats custom processing animal drop off instructions

After unloading, collect an animal ID paper from the team member who has helped you unload, this paper will have your animal’s tag number that we use to keep your animal identified as your animal.

Custom Processing Animals are labeled to keep your animal your animal
Showalter's Country Meats Office Atmosphere

2. Park and bring that animal ID paper to the office where we will do the paperwork and take the processing instructions on your animal. Remember to park your vehicle in a place that does not block others from pulling through and unloading their animals. (perhaps along the fence on the left after you circle around after leaving the unloading dock)

Live Weight Scales

In order to better serve our customers we recently added a live-weight scales to our livestock unloading dock. So if you need a live weight, simply inform the team member who is helping you unload your animal and we will be glad to get the live-weight for you.

Showalter’s Custom Meat Processing Rates

Below you’ll find information about our processing rates, as well as downloadable processing forms for deer, beef and meat hogs. You are welcome to print them off and jot down your preferences, but we generally like to fill out the official cut sheet here to make sure we use the terminology that our team is used to.

Save money by having your cut instructions ready!

We ask that you have all the cut instructions READY for us when you drop the animal off.
If the cut instructions have to be done later, it will be a $25 charge per order.

Custom Deer Processing (no appointment needed)

$125 FLAT RATE for basic processing
For more info go to our deer processing page.

Blank Deer Processing Form

Click Here to see an example Deer Processing Form already filled out.

Custom Hog Processing

$40 kill fee (pay as deposit when you book the hog)
Processing: $0.70 cents per pound dressed weight – includes vacuum packing
additional costs: $20 for curing ham, $20 for curing bacon, $10 for curing hocks
($150 minimum per hog)

Blank Pork Processing Form

Click Here to see an EXAMPLE PORK PROCESSING FORM already filled out.

Custom Beef Processing

$55 kill fee (pay as deposit when you book the beef)
Processing: $0.65 per pound dressed weight (including vacuum packing on steaks and roasts)

Patties: 30 LB. Minimum @ $1 per LB. 100 LBS or more @ $0.75/LB. 200 LBS or more @ $0.50/LB.

Blank Beef Processing Form

Click here to see an example Beef Processing Form already filled out.

Custom Sheep / Lamb processing

Sheep / Lamb are a flat rate of $100 per animal.

Cut sheets for sheep are as here for your information.

Blank Sheep Cut Sheet

Example Sheep Cut Sheet

ELK Processing

We do basic processing on ELK, including steaks, roasts & burger. Following is a list of our processing fees:
$50 Elk caping fee (for shoulder mount)
$325 flat rate for basic Elk processing (into steaks, roasts, & burger)

BEAR Processing

We do basic processing on BEAR, including steaks, roasts & burger. Following is a list of our processing fees:
$50 Bear caping fee (for mounts or rugs)
$150 flat rate for basic Bear processing (into steaks, roasts, & burger)

If you have any additional questions, please Contact Us.