Meat Processing

Showalter’s Custom Meat Processing

We provide custom meat processing services for beef, meat hogs, deer, and we can process other animals as well (including elk).

Ask us about our Custom Deer Processing Services!

Bring your animals to us for processing, then relax. You’ll never have to worry about getting meat from an animal you didn’t choose. After all, our policy is: “the animal you bring in is the meat you take home*.” We work to ensure that your animal stays yours –and only yours– during every stage of processing.

*Unless you’d like to trade some of your meat for things like Bratwurst, Summer Sausage, and our other specialty meats.

If you don’t have an animal to bring us to process, you can still get high-quality meat processed to your specifications when you buy grass-fed beef from us, harvested from our own cattle. You can buy an entire cow, or just half. Learn more here. In addition to our grass-fed beef, we also have access to corn-fed meat hogs. Like our beef, you can buy an entire meat hog, or only half.

We take your instructions on cuts and packaging seriously, and are committed to meeting your exact specifications every time.

Below you’ll find information about our processing rates, as well as downloadable processing forms for deer, beef and meat hogs. Simply Print them off, fill them out, and bring them to us– we’ll take care of the rest!

If you have any additional questions, please Contact Us.

Showalter’s Custom Meat Processing Rates


$17 cooler prep
Processing: $0.75 per pound dressed weight

Deer Processing Form

Meat Hogs

$33 kill fee
Processing: $0.50 cents per pound dressed weight (including vacuum packing)
Curing: $0.73 per pound ($0.63 for over 40lbs)

Pork Processing Form


$45 kill fee
Processing: $0.45 per pound dressed weight (including vacuum packing)

Beef Processing Form

If you have questions, or would like to place an order, please Contact Us

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Deer Processing Pictures

Beef and Hog Processing Pictures