Pastured Pork

Pastured Pork

  • Locally-Raised NON-GMO Pastured-Pork
  • Booking tentatively for March 2021 (we are sold out for this year) “the early bird gets the worm” 🙂
  • Call and place your order today.
  • $200 down payment required at time of order. This can be done on the phone or by coming in to our facility.
  • Balance due at pick up.

These pastured porkers have free access to open field to snack and romp as they please.

Raised right & raised natural on a local family farm.

These Hogs have free access to the open fields and are ALSO supplemented with NON-GMO corn.

In short, this is healthy, locally raised, pastured pork made simple.

300 lb HOG package deal – $569

Package deal includes Pastured Hog and basic processing. We vacuum pack steaks and roasts and sausage comes in sausage tubes.

Check out our PORK CUT SHEET to consider your options for how you may want your Pastured Pork Processed. We prefer to fill the sheet out here using our terminology, but you are welcome to look the sheet over so that you can get an idea of the common cuts we offer.

Click in the following link to see and EXAMPLE SHEET to see some popular options for our pastured pork.

Give us a call today and get your name in for one of these Pastured Hogs.