Pastured Pork

Pastured Hog peering through spring grasses
Pastured Hog peering through spring grasses

Pastured Pork

As of 2024, we are transitioning to Buck Creek Farms as the source of our Pastured hogs.
If you wish to purchase them through us, you can do so at $2.69/LB live weight.
If you want to deal direct with the farmer, you may do so at (307) 286-8130

another option to consider:
Write or visit (no phone) our neighboring Amish Farmer who may be able to raise what you need.
Chriss Stutzman
20 Merritt Ridge Rd
Windsor KY 42565

  • Locally-Raised Pastured-Pork
  • $200 down payment required at time of order. This can be done on the phone or by coming in to our facility.
  • Balance due at pick up.

These pastured porkers have free access to open field to snack and romp as they please.

Raised right & raised natural on a local family farm.

In addition to free range feeding these hogs are ALSO supplemented with corn.

In short, this is healthy, locally raised, pastured pork made simple.

300 lb HOG package deal – $807.00
($2.69per lb. live weight)

The final price will be based on the actual weight of the hog. If the hog is heavier than the target of 300 lbs. the price will be more, if the hog is lighter than 300, the price will be less. For example: If the your hog weighs 290 lbs your price will be $780.10. Or if it weighs 330 lbs your price will be $887.70.

Package deal includes Pastured Hog and basic processing. We vacuum pack steaks and roasts and sausage comes in sausage tubes.

Check out our PORK CUT SHEET to consider your options for how you may want your Pastured Pork Processed. We prefer to fill the sheet out here using our terminology, but you are welcome to look the sheet over so that you can get an idea of the common cuts we offer.

The following video will give you an approximate idea of what a typical 300 LB hog will yeild. (Disclaimer: This video was of one of our conventional corn fed hogs – but should still give a good idea of what to expect)

Processing your way:

We process our hogs to your custom specifications, but following is a list of some of the common cuts & packaging instructions.

Pork-chops or tenderloin options

These options are mutually exclusive since they come from the same part of the hog, so you have to choose one or the other, unless you are getting a whole hog, then you can opt for half pork-chops and half tenderloin. Normal thickness for pork chops or tenderloin is 1/2 inch, but if you prefer a different thickness, let us know and we will do our best to do it your way.

Ham options

We can sugar-cure the hams but keep in mind that we do not cure the ham while it is whole. We have to slice the ham in order cure it. The default thickness for our sliced ham is 3/8 inch, if you prefer a different thickness just let us know. That being said, if you want your ham whole we can keep it whole for you, but it will be a “green ham” in other words, it won’t be cured. You can also also have your ham “plain sliced”, put into ham roasts, sausage, or pork burger.

Pork shoulder options

Many people get these sliced as pork steaks/ sliced shoulder. These are hard to beat on the grill or skillet, and in my humble opinion, they will rival pork chops… if you cook them right. Another really good option for the shoulders is putting them into roasts. The shoulder roasts tend to be a bit more juicy and tender than ham roasts normally are. Sometimes people who are into smoking meats choose to have have their pork shoulders put into Boston Butts and Picnic Butts. Of course if you are looking to get more sausage or pork burger, you can throw your shoulder into sausage or burger.

Bacon options

By far the most popular choice is to have us slice & sugar cure the sides of bacon. For those wanting to avoid nitrates, we do offer a “natural cure” (same price). We used-to use celery juice powder as a curing ingredient, but now we just leave out the nitrates and your bacon still has a fine flavor. If you prefer to leave your bacon fresh, we can simply slice it for you without curing it at all, or we can leave the “middlins” whole, and you can take your side of bacon home as fresh pork belly if you prefer.

Hog jowl options

Jowl has the same curing options as the standard bacon, namely: Sliced & cured, fresh sliced, left whole, or add it to your breakfast sausage.

Hock options

your most common options are, putting them into your sausage, or keeping them back to cook with a pot of beans. If you do want us to save the hocks for you, you can get them “plain” (uncured) or you can get them sugar cured.

Spare rib options

To some people this is the best part of the hog, and others are ready to have us put it into the sausage. The only issue is that since it is comprised of numerous bones, you really are better off taking them as spare ribs — at least that is my take on it  Most times we cut the spare ribs down to a convenient size of approximately 4″ by 6″ pieces. If you prefer half rack or whole rack we can do that for you instead.

Breakfast sausage options

You can get your sausage, hot, medium, or mild. You can also control if you want extra sage, normal sage, or no sage. That gives you the control to have your pork sausage tasting just the way you like. We even go further, if you have a favorite sausage seasoning, simply bring it here when you order your hog and we will be glad to use YOUR FAVORITE seasonings on your sausage. Your pig done your way!

Pork burger 

If you want pork burger from your whole hog, just let us know. Be aware that you may have to sacrifice a ham or shoulder in order to get enough ground meat to do both sausage AND pork burger. Be aware that you CANNOT do sausage AND pork burger if you are only doing half a hog.

Organ meat & extra fat

If you want, we can keep the pork liver for you, whole or sliced. You can also tell us if you want us to keep the heart or the extra fat that may be in excess for what is needed for the breakfast sausage.

Special requests?

Finally, you also have opportunity if you have any special request of something you want done with your hog, you can mention it and we will see if it would be feasible or not

Give us a call today and get your name in for one of these Pastured Hogs.