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Showalter’s Country Meats is a family owned and operated meat processor and specialty meats retailer here in South Central Kentucky. Founded in 2011, our focus has been and continues to be on providing our customers with high-quality meat-processing services and specialty meat products at an affordable price. We also sell our own corn-fed meat hogs, grass fed beef & grain fed beef.

Showalter’s Custom Meat Processing

Custom Meat Processing in action at Showalter's Country Meats

Our main line of service is custom meat processing on nearly all animals, including cattle, meat hogs, and wild game like deer, wild boar and elk. Simply bring your animal to us, or buy one of our grass-fed beef or corn-fed hogs, then tell us how you want it processed. We’ll take care of all the butchering, cleaning, processing, and vacuum-sealing/packaging, then send you home with your bounty.

Showalter’s Custom Deer Processing

CUSTOM DEER PROCESSING! In the Fall we Specialize in Custom Deer Processing. We do venison burger, steaks, roasts, and a growing number of smoked venison options, such as Deer Summer Sausage, Venison Hot Dogs, Deer Bacons, Deer Snack Sticks, Venison Bratwursts, and Deer Jerky.

Click here to learn more about our custom deer processing.

Showalter’s Retail Meat Sales

Pepper Jack Bratwusts

Our newest addition is a meat-retailing market. If you haven’t tried any of our delicious smoked specialty meats like bratwursts, summer sausage or bacon yet, now’s the time to discover just how much you’ve been missing out on! And if you can’t make it to our facility in Kentucky to pick them up, don’t worry; we can ship most of our fully-cooked & cured products directly to you.

Forms of payment: We prefer cash, but also accept personal checks and debit & credit cards. At this point we DO NOT accept EBT. Sorry for any inconvenience 🙁

We carry a growing line of delicious specialty products, including: Bratwursts, Summer Sausage, Salami, Bologna, Jerky, Snack Sticks and more.

See our Retail Meat page for more information.

Showalter’s Grain-Fed Beef

Got Beef? We do. Showalter's Country Meats Icon

Our grain fed beef are Available as a whole beef or half beef!

Grain-Fed. Locally raised. Fresh. Marbled. Processed to your specifications.

Our grain-fed beef are the way to go for those after the juiciest, best-marbled meat.

Showalter’s Grass-Fed Angus Beef

Showalter's Grass Fed Angus feeding on lushious feilds

Our Grass- Fed Angus are available as a whole beef or half beef!

In addition to our retail meat sales and custom meat processing services, we also sell our own grass-fed beef raised right here on our farm. Our Angus beef are the way to go if you are looking for lean beef and are wanting to stay away from animals fed on grain. Call and let us know what you’re looking for — we’ll take care of the rest.

Showalter’s Corn Fed Meat Hogs & Roasting Pigs

300 LB hog for $400

Meat Hogs. If you are looking for meat pigs, Showalter’s has you covered! We have some great meat hogs for sale. $400 gets you pork from a 300 pound hog processed to your specifications. Check out our Meat Hogs Page to learn more about our offerings.

Roasting Pigs. We also sell our fine roasting pigs in various sizes. Please feel free to check out the information we have listed on our meat hog page for more details.

No matter if you’re looking for custom meat processing, want to stock your freezer with Grass-Fed Beef, Corn-Fed Meat Hogs, or just want a juicy steak for supper, all you have to do is tell Showalter’s Country Meats. Simply give us a call at (606) 787-7070 to place your order today!

Feel free to call us to place your order, or come check out our shop and farm. We’re always happy to show you around!

About Showalter’s Country Meats

We have lived in the area as a family since 1995, and have always done our own butchering. Then in 2011, we built our own shop, allowing us to provide the public with quality meat-processing services and delicious meat products.

Aside from butchering, we also have a beef cattle farm, and enjoy working together.

Are we Amish or Mennonite? Feel free to learn more about our beliefs.