Grass Fed Beef

Showalters Grass-Fed Angus Beef
Showalters Grass-Fed Angus Beef

2-3 weeks wait time as of June 2024
Order your whole or half of a grass-fed Angus beef today!

Whole or Half Grass-Fed Angus Beef

$3.07 per lb. live weight, includes beef & basic custom processing

We have a few grass-fed heifers at $2.87 per LB. Click here to learn more.

grass-fed-beef-package-deal whole & half options
  • Black Angus
  • Non GMO, steroid free, hormone free
  • Grass Finished right here on our farm
  • Whole beef or half-a-beef options available
  • Currently booking around 1-3 months ahead (subject to availability)

Now selling 1/4 Grass-Fed Beef Shares

Normally, a quarter of a grass fed beef will yield approximately the following:
8 roasts (chuck, arm, sirloin tip, or rump roasts)
4 short-rib portions
half of a beef brisket
8 rib-eye steaks @ ¾”
6 T-Bones @ ¾”
4 sirloin steaks @ ¾”
4 packs of cube steaks @ 4 per pack
approx. 60 lbs. of burger

1/4 grass-fed beef shares may range between 110-130 lbs. take home weight.
Final price will be $7.49 per lb. finished weight.
Average total cost per 1/4 beef should be around $1022.75

Also, if you want a smaller amount, we sell 1/8th of a grass-fed beef (ALL burger) @ $5.99 per lb. finished product.
Simply call or text us @ 606-722-0211 to place an order for this healthy, affordable burger deal!

Quick facts to know before you order our Whole or Half Grass-Fed Angus

A down payment is required at time of order: $250 for a half-a-beef, $500 for a whole beef
1-3 months is the current wait time
Final price will be $3.07 per lb. live weight (Half-a-1300 lb. Beef will be approximately $1995.50, whole beef approx.. $3991.00)
Take home weight is usually around 40% of live weight. Thus, half of a 1300 lb. beef would be around 260 lbs. (More bone-in cuts = more take home weight)
Pick up only – we do not ship at this point

Feeding Program

We grass-feed & grass finish our Angus beef right here on the Showalter Family Farm. Furthermore, we do not use synthetic fertilizer on our pastures, instead we enrich the soil with our own homemade compost. As you know, compost-fertilized-pastures produce luscious healthy grass. That is the grass our Angus beef forage on till their heart’s content. Obviously, this is the same grass that we bale as hay to feed our cows through the winter months.

Humane Handling

During the summer, our Angus beef enjoy free access to all the grass they want to eat on our fields. With rotational grazing, they are regularly moved to fresh parts of the pasture. On the other hand, during the winter months we feed them hay we have baled from our fields. Additionally, we harvest our grass-fed beef right in the field or barn so there is no stress they encounter by being hauled to a processing facility.

Healthy & Lean

Our grass fed beef will tend to be more lean than some of the marbled meat you see in grain fed animals. Nonetheless, if healthy and lean is what you are looking for, then our grass fed beef is just the thing.

How much take home meat?

Of Course, no two beef are exactly alike. However, to give you an idea of what to expect let me share the numbers from the grass-fed beef order pictured below done in April of 2023. This particular beef weighed 1245 lbs. live weight. Meanwhile, the hanging weight was 713 lbs. Including the 15 lbs. of soup bones, the total take home weight ending up being 549.85 lbs.

In this case, the take home weight was a whopping 44% of the live weight because of the added 15 lbs. of soup bones. Of course, not every one wants their bones, so the take home weight will vary.

In order to not be disappointed, we suggest that you expect a 40% take home yield from our grass-fed Angus beef. In this case, if you opt for lots of bone-in cuts and take home even more weight, then you will be pleasantly surprised.

How to order:

Thankfully, ordering one of our beef is not complicated.

  • Firstly, give us a call @ 606 787 7070, or better yet, drop in and see us at our butcher-shop right here on the farm.
  • Secondly, pay the required deposit
  • Then, patiently wait for your beef to get to harvest weight

Order Details

When you place your order, we will go over a cut sheet with you and talk about the various options for each part of your beef. To illustrate, look at the picture below to get an idea of standard cuts.

Click here to see our blank Beef Cut Sheet

Or click here to see an EXAMPLE BEEF CUT SHEET already filled out.

Whole & Half-a-Beef package deal for Grass-Fed Angus Beef
Showalters Grass Fed Beef Cuts

Roast Options

First, we will walk you through your different roast options such as if you want arm roasts, rump roasts, chuck roasts, or sirloin tip roasts. Obviously, whatever you don’t as a roast can simply be ground into burger.

Brisket & Short Rib Options

You can also opt for whole brisket, brisket cut in half, or brisket ground into burger. Then we can talk about whether you want short ribs or whether you would rather have us put those into your burger.

Primary Steak Options

Second, we talk about steaks; would you like rib-eye steaks, Sirloin steaks, & T-bone Steaks? If you prefer boneless, the T-bone can be done as New York strips & Filet mignon.

Other Steak Options

More steak options are available from the hind quarter, such as cube steaks (same as minute steaks), round steaks, flank steaks, and skirt steaks.

Burger Options

Remember that whatever you do not want in steaks or roasts will go into augmenting your burger amount. We normally package your burger in 1 lb. bags (actual weight is closer to 1.2 lbs.).

Special Requests

You can also request to keep the heart, liver, ox-tail, or tongue if that is something you would like.

If you would like some of your burger done into quarter pound patties, we vacuum pack them with four per pack. NOTE: Patties will cost extra, $1 per lb. with at 30 lb. minimum.


We vacuum pack and label the roasts and steaks, but the burger is simply put in burger tubes.

Limited Availability

Keep in mind that our grass fed beef are subject to availability, since we finish them naturally, without hormones and antibiotics, they are not always going to be the perfect size yet, so we may have to put you on the list till yours becomes available. Also keep in mind that when ordering a half-a-beef, we will wait to harvest it until both halves are sold. Whether you’re looking for an entire cow or just a half, we’re here to do our best to give you what you’re looking for!

Call today for details, to visit our farm / butcher-shop, or to place your order for our grass-fed Angus beef!