Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews & Testimonials

Smiling customer with one of our grain fed beef
A smiling customer with one of our grain fed beef.

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Showalter's Country Meats
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 17 reviews
by Ben Z. on Showalter's Country Meats
Meat Friends? Stop here!

Showalter's Country Meats is a terrific place to shop for fine meats, done up in a huge variety of tasty products and cuts. I am a happy customer, and have the unique view point of one who has also been an employee. I worked full time at Showalters a few years ago, and from an inside perspective, I can assure you that the meat you buy or pick up from Showalters has been carefully prepared for you in a clean facility by the Showalter crew, with detailed attention to quality, consistent from one product to the next. And guess what! When you stop at Showalters, you may buy some meat, but you will find some friends.

by Alice F. on Showalter's Country Meats
Sooooo happy!

Happened upon Showalter's while researching beef and pork for sale and, boy, am I glad I did. My parents and I bought a whole beef and a hog and we have filled our freezers and that of my brother. Everything was cut exactly as we wanted and the flavor of the meat is amazing. I will be back for sure. Thanks, Showalter's!

by Michael C. on Showalter's Country Meats
Highly recommended

I have to say I am very happy with Showalter's Country Meats. I ordered a 300 lb hog price was 375.00 processing included, vacuum sealed bacon and hams, cured packaged to our exact order. Went and picked it up this morning price was 325.00. Fifty bucks less than quoted and more meat than I imagined. I highly recommend them and will be continuing doing business with them. And their brats and jerky are killer.

by Scotty S. on Showalter's Country Meats
Air Force

I have been shopping at Showalter’s for a couple of years now and my son is in the Air Force .He is stationed at Chyanne Wyoming and these great guys ship products all the way to him.He tells me it’s like a little taste of home every time I send him a package.This place is what a small business is made of they are super nice and honest.thank you for all you do and god bless America and our troops

by David S. on Showalter's Country Meats
Whole grain fed beef & whole hog

Due to some problems with our original beef supplier, we had to look around for another. I found the Showalters website & went over & we decided to buy from them. The video that he shows on how much beef you get with a whole grain fed beef, that was our beef & that was my wife & myself in background. I just want to let any & everyone who are considering buying a beef or hog from Showalters that you WILL NOT be disappointed!!! Great tasting & tender beef & hog!!! And VERY friendly people with a VERY clean business!!! I had forgotten to leave a review after getting our beef & hog. I just remembered this after I just brought up their website to get ready to reorder. So try them out!! I promise you WON'T be disappointed!!!

by Phillip M. on Showalter's Country Meats
Top Notch

Known this family for several years. Proud to call them my friends. They are honest and genuinely great people. They have a top notch facility and are very clean. They have never failed to deliver superior service, superior products, at a very competitive price. Very highly recommend.

by Craig & Denise Knox on Showalter's Country Meats
Pleased to find this gem!

My husband was trying to convince me to buy meat in bulk. I was such a skeptic. We compromised by visiting the store and purchasing meat. I was so impressed by the cleanliness of the entire establishment and the meat quality was better than my supermarket choice! I have changed my mind and we have ordered 1/2 cow. Highly recommend!

by Jim Franklin on Showalter's Country Meats
Great people and great products

I did some looking around and decided to purchase a hog and half a cow from Showalters. I live in Louisville about 2 hours away. They were very helpful and made sure both orders were ready for pick up at the same time. First meal was ribeyes on the grill. It was such a relief when I took the first bite and it was tender. I knew I hadn't wasted my money. The steak was awesome. The sausage is the best sausage I have ate. Chuck roast in the crockpot was delicious. Burgers are good. I am glad I made the two hour trip.

by Tiny on Showalter's Country Meats
Was pleased

I usually don’t write a review, but these guys were really nice. We bought a pig and the experience we had when we went to pick it up was so nice. The guys were so friendly. We got our meat on 10/19. We couldn’t be more pleased. We are planning on purchasing again.

by Marti M on Showalter's Country Meats
Great people

We bought a side of beef recently. I am extremely happy with how smooth the process was and the service I received. They went over and beyond to get me what I wanted. The beef and the cuts are exceptional. I will never go back to grocery store meat again!

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