Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews & Testimonials

Smiling customer with one of our grain fed beef
A smiling customer with one of our grain fed beef.

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Showalter's Country Meats
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by David S. on Showalter's Country Meats
Whole grain fed beef & whole hog

Due to some problems with our original beef supplier, we had to look around for another. I found the Showalters website & went over & we decided to buy from them. The video that he shows on how much beef you get with a whole grain fed beef, that was our beef & that was my wife & myself in background. I just want to let any & everyone who are considering buying a beef or hog from Showalters that you WILL NOT be disappointed!!! Great tasting & tender beef & hog!!! And VERY friendly people with a VERY clean business!!! I had forgotten to leave a review after getting our beef & hog. I just remembered this after I just brought up their website to get ready to reorder. So try them out!! I promise you WON'T be disappointed!!!

by Phillip M. on Showalter's Country Meats
Top Notch

Known this family for several years. Proud to call them my friends. They are honest and genuinely great people. They have a top notch facility and are very clean. They have never failed to deliver superior service, superior products, at a very competitive price. Very highly recommend.

by Craig & Denise Knox on Showalter's Country Meats
Pleased to find this gem!

My husband was trying to convince me to buy meat in bulk. I was such a skeptic. We compromised by visiting the store and purchasing meat. I was so impressed by the cleanliness of the entire establishment and the meat quality was better than my supermarket choice! I have changed my mind and we have ordered 1/2 cow. Highly recommend!

by Jim Franklin on Showalter's Country Meats
Great people and great products

I did some looking around and decided to purchase a hog and half a cow from Showalters. I live in Louisville about 2 hours away. They were very helpful and made sure both orders were ready for pick up at the same time. First meal was ribeyes on the grill. It was such a relief when I took the first bite and it was tender. I knew I hadn't wasted my money. The steak was awesome. The sausage is the best sausage I have ate. Chuck roast in the crockpot was delicious. Burgers are good. I am glad I made the two hour trip.

by Tiny on Showalter's Country Meats
Was pleased

I usually don’t write a review, but these guys were really nice. We bought a pig and the experience we had when we went to pick it up was so nice. The guys were so friendly. We got our meat on 10/19. We couldn’t be more pleased. We are planning on purchasing again.

by Marti M on Showalter's Country Meats
Great people

We bought a side of beef recently. I am extremely happy with how smooth the process was and the service I received. They went over and beyond to get me what I wanted. The beef and the cuts are exceptional. I will never go back to grocery store meat again!

by Billy on Showalter's Country Meats
Great beef

Bought a side a beef and I am very happy with how well the cuts and how great the meat tasted as well as the packaging was. Well definitely continue doing business with Showalters Meats...

by Jack M on Showalter's Country Meats
Amazing quality & service

We purchased a whole hog and a 1/2 beef on 3 / 2020. The ordering process went very smoothly as did the pick up of the meat. I must say the taste and quality of cuts is second to none. We have purchased the same order many times over the years in KY areas and in IN as well and Showalter's is the best on taste and price by far. We will be a repeat customer. Thank you and we will recommend Showalter's to everyone we know .

by Robert H. on Showalter's Country Meats
World Finest Meats

To start, I feel that I am very, very fortunate that I live as close to Showalter's Meats as I do, maybe 6 miles as the crow flies. I have been to every state in the US but three and 36 countries and hands down they have the best and freshest quality meats in the world. One item in a recent purchase was 1" ribeye's, I cooked them on lump charcoal in my Oklahoma Joe Grill/Smoker. They were to die for, so tender a knife was hardly needed. I love their Brats and flavored sausages, anything with cheese in it is my favorite. It's all local meat and the prices are comparable to the big stores. I had them process two hogs that I raised last year. I identified one as mine and the other was being split by two friends. They marked the meats and I know by the marbling and fat content that I got back what was destined for me. Just stop in even if just for a free sample, they always have some cooked up, sometimes they ruin my dinner because I ate too much, LOL.

by Monika on Showalter's Country Meats
Phenominal products and people

I drive from Tennessee (6 hours round trip) to this wonderful place at least once a year. They never disappoint...always clean ...freezers stocked full of their wonderful selection of cured meats..the best hot dogs around..jerky..and the smell of fresh grilled yummy samples as soon as you hit the doors. AND the PEOPLE...they are always friendly, helpful and trying to feed you :). When you visit this wonderful place be sure to take an extra'll need it! And if you need something special...I'm sure they can make it happen.

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