Grass Fed Sheep

grass fed sheep feeding contentedly
grass fed sheep feeding

Grass-Fed Sheep

Now adding a bit of grain to the grass fed sheep, to add a bit more juiciness to the meat.

Options for Cuts of Lamb

Our goal is to cut up your lamb how ever you request. However, do keep in mind that there are limitations as to what you can get from one lamb. Following are some of the most common cuts that people in this region prefer: Bone in Lamb Chops, Whole Leg of Lamb, Shoulder Roasts, Half Rack of Lamb, Fore Shanks, Hind Shanks, Neck Roasts, and Lamb Stew Meat.

Meat Up with Our Lamb Deal

From the farm to your table! ๐Ÿ™‚ We have partnered with a local farmer to provide you with chemical & hormone-free, local, grass-fed-sheep raised right here in central KY. What’s more we have put together a deal for you. Rather than you tracking down the farmer, negotiating the price, booking a harvest date, hauling the lamb, and figuring out your processing cost, we have done the heavy lifting for you. We take care of all the above, you just place your order, and when it is finished come pick up your meat.

Benefits of Grass-Fed Meat

Did did you know that Grass Fed Meat is 5 times higher in healthy omega 3 fatty acids than meat from regular grain-fed animals. Grass Fed Meat also has significantly less of the negative and inflammatory omega 6 fatty acids. Meanwhile, studies indicate that grass fed meat has 3 times more CLA which is a healthy type of fat which is good for cardio vascular function. In addition, Learn more from Dr Eric Berg DC.

Humane Handling

Naturally, our lambs are raised on a chemical free farm. While not “certified organic”, they are actually organic). So they have access to the fields and meadows and are regularly accessing fresh grass by means of rotational grazing. Fermented alfalfa makes a special treat from time to time. Such yummy treats certainly help make them tame and friendly towards the farmer. Our farmer is certainly conscientious about treating these lambs humanely.


$3.90 per lb. live weight – of course, this includes the animal itself AND the processing cost.
So for example that would be:
A 100 lbs. live weight lamb AND custom processing would be $390.00
Meanwhile, a 75 lbs. live weight lamb AND custom processing would be $292.50

$100 deposit is required at time of order, while the balance is due at pick up. Orders and down payments can be done on the phone, as well as by coming into our Shop.

Vacuum Packaging for Lamb

When it comes to steaks & roasts we always vacuum pack. Our vac packing after all, shields your lamb from freezer burn for up to two years. Nevertheless, in the case of burger, we do not vacuum pack. Instead, we stuff the ground lamb into our burger chubs.

How to order

Give us a call and let us know you indeed want to order one of our sheep / lambs. Of course we will gladly guide you through the various options cut options. Otherwise you may come to our butcher-shop and talk to us in person. (We usually have plenty of samples out, so bring your appetite.)

Time frame

As you might expect, the time frame from order till pick up, can vary greatly depending on supply and demand. With this in mind, call us for the most up to date time frames. Certainly, we would be happy to help you place an order one of our pasture raised lambs today!

Organ Meat

Yes. If you were wondering if we can save the organ meat for you, we certainly can. In our part of the world for example, it seems that the common requests are for the liver & heart.

Lamb Cut Sheet

In order to minimize confusion, we fill out a cut sheet here in our office with the way you want your lamb processed. While we can fill this cut sheet out for you over the phone, we can also do it for you in-person here in the butcher shop office. Meanwhile feel free to get familiar with our BLANK CUT SHEET for lambs.

By the same token, we suggest that you have a quick peak at our EXAMPLE LAMB CUT SHEET. Look it over to get an idea of some common cuts that you might also want to request from your lamb.

What to Expect From a Lamb

Honestly, this venture is in the early stages, so I hope to keep updating the following info as we do more lambs.

How much meat is on a lamb?

Hanging Weightโ€“ also known as dressed weight or carcass weight โ€“ is what you get when you remove the parts that most folks don’t want such as the hide, feet, head, and most of the innards.

The dressing percentage for most lambs is between 41-54%.  For example, the 89 lb. lamb we did spring of 2024 had a hanging weight or dressed weight of approx. 36.9lbs.

Is that how much I take home?

No. You take home the finished cuts or โ€œyieldโ€. The percentage of the hanging weight that remains is called the โ€œyieldโ€ and is generally between 37% – 42% of live weight. Of course, this percentage varies based on a number of factors including:

  • Bone-in vs. boneless cuts โ€“ This will dramatically affect yield; the more boneless cuts that are made, the lower the yield.
  • The amount of fat remaining on the meat cuts โ€“ The yield will vary based on how much surface fat you want us to leave on the cuts.

How much freezer space will I need for my lamb?

Plan on approximately one cubic foot of freezer space for every 15-20 pounds of meat. The interior of a milk crate is slightly more than a cubic foot. For a lamb, you will need 2 cu. Ft of freezer space. A whole, processed lamb will likely fit in the freezer that comes with your refrigerator.