Roasting Pigs

Roasting Pig in Smoker
Roasting Pig at Showalters Meats

Roasting Hogs / Suckling Pigs

Normally, plan to order 2 weeks ahead of when you need one.

Whole Suckling Pigs or Roasting hogs for sale!

Are you looking for a whole hog, scalded, scraped, and ready to put in the smoker or on the spit? If so, then look no further! We have locally grown corn fed hogs that you can order, and we will get them ready for you. This is not a pre-harvested hog, instead it is fresh from the farm. Because of this, you can normally expect a 2 week wait from the time you order till time for pick up. Of course, our pigs are available in a few different size brackets. BUT please note that the figures are for live weight and may not be exact.

Various Sizes available

While we do our best to get as close to the size that you want as possible, it is actually hard to be exact because these hogs are always growing bigger, while another batch of younger ones coming are on. Normal sizes weigh from 50 up to 300 lbs. live weight. Once you place the order, our farmer brings the hog to our facility, then we prepare it for you according to your specifications. For instance, you can opt for head on, head off, feet on, feet off, split in two, or left whole.

How to order

To order, simply give us a call and let us know you need one of our fine roasting pigs. However, please specify that you want it scalded and scraped because we also have another hog deal that gets the hog skinned and processed. Indeed, we want to make sure we do it the way you want it. We require a $100 down payment when you place the order, and the rest will be due when you pick your porker up. 🙂

Need someone to roast it for you?

Want a roasting pig for an event, but just not sure how to do it all? Simply, get in touch with the Creek Road BBQ. They are experts in the BBQ field. Text or Call Sherwin at (870) 692 3610.

Roasting Pig Prices

50 lb. live weight roasting-pig, scalded & scraped$263.00
75 lb. live weight roasting-pig, scalded & scraped$291.00
100 lb. live weight roasting-pig, scalded & scraped$323.00
125 lb. live weight roasting-pig, scalded & scraped$352.00
150 lb. live weight roasting-pig, scalded & scraped$374.00
200 lb. live weight roasting-pig, scalded & scraped$439.00
250 lb. live weight roasting-pig, scalded & scraped$488.00
300 lb. live weight roasting-pig, scalded & scraped$525.00
Roasting Pigs from Showalter's Country Meats
Roasting Pigs

Live Weight Variations

Must be remembered that our listed live weights are approximate. As you can imagine, it is not easy to get a hungry pig to be at an exact size. 🙂 Even so, we will get as close to your specified ideal weight as we can.

Roasting Pig Pick up Details

So that we don’t end up in a pickle with loading your porker, plan to bring your own container to put your pig in. For instance, a large cooler, or maybe just a sheet of plastic, or even a clean tarpaulin to wrap it up in or lay it on. Besides, if you are going over an hour with it, we suggest that you bring some ice to stuff inside the hog to keep cool during transport.

Call today for details, to visit our farm / butcher-shop, or to place your order for a meat hog or pork!